1961- Levite Freeman was appointed Chairman of the By-Law Committee. A set of By Laws were presented at the 1962 National Convention in Dalas, Texas; and was used until revised in 1986 in St. Louis, Missouri.


1962- We were first called the National Alumni Congregation, an affiate of National School of Ushering. The name was changed at the seat of the National Convention in Dallas, Texas; and became the National Alumni Department. Official staff titles of the department were no longer taken from the Bible -- such as 'Eldad', 'Medad', 'Caleb', 'Scribe', and 'Kepper of Shekels'.


1963- The George T. Grier Button was Created in his honor and was used as a fund-raiser in some states; also the Alumni Pin was designed.


1969-Levite Warren Malcolm Lea, who had served and nurtured well, due to poor health bowed out under Rev. Raymond Smith's administration. Mr John w. Franklin was appointed by National President Smith. The Alumni Department was assigned the duties of all the ushering at the National Convention and also helping those in need financially at the Convention. Mr. Franklin served well and had many accomplishments; however, he became ill and was succeeded by Mrs.Corine McMillian.


1978- Mrs. McMillian was succeeded by Mrs. Josephine Washington of Brooklyn, New York; appointed under the administration of the late National President Robert Allen. A positive thinker, a person receptive to change, a generator of action, Mrs. Josephine Washington was commissioned to "pivk up the pieces" as National Alumni Chairman -- generating: an increase in chartered tribes and state registrations; the Fellowship Luncheon became an annual affair; the Usher of the Year Contest was organized; the Book of "Seven" was rejuvenated; and the State Assessment of the one-hundred ($100.00) dollars was initiated.



Some of the winners of the Usher of the Year have been:


                                             1979   Suzzie Lomax of Michigan

                                             1980   Ezella Brown of Ohio

                                             1981   Marie Furrowh

                                             1982   Maybelle Lewis of New York

                                             1982   Booklet of Seven -- Delaware


1982 - Mrs Shirlene  K. Bishop of Delaware succeeded Mrs. Josephine Washington. Inheriting with the Chairmanship the task of judging of drills and demonstrations by trained Alumni personnel. Instructions for judging of the drills and demonstrations by trained Alumni personnel. Instructions for judges and tally persons were designated by Mrs. Van Austin of Colorado and the competition for the School of Ushering contests now took on different tones. The By-Laws were revised (adopted in 1986); the judges note were revised; rules for the Usher of the Year, Chairmen of the Usher of the Year and Booklet of "Seven" Committees and Chairmen for the Judges and Tally Personnel were established. Levite Mason stressed all departments and national assignments; adhering to the By-Laws as revised; and enforced/executed objectives protected by our founder, George T. Grier.